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Welcome to the website of the ReformEnglish Education and Methodology Center. Learn more about our language school, about the founder of our method, about our team, about our job offers, about our packages and about our international references:


language school

Language School

About Us


The ReformEnglish Education and Methodology Centre is an online teaching and methodology centre and language school that offers foreign language training programmes in English and German online. We offer further training in English according to the latest market demands and in an efficient way. The company was founded by László Bódi, PhD. in 2009. Our goal: to provide further training programmes in English with guaranteed success. We are available: our courses are available online via Skype from all over the world. Our references: more than 6000 satisfied clients from 14 countries. CLICK HERE AND LEARN MORE: online language school


Language School

The developer of our method: László Bódi, PhD.


László Bódi, PhD., the developer of the ReformEnglish Method was born in 1982 in Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia. He started his studies in 1989 at the Rimavská Sobota Elementary School. Later he started studies in 1996 at the Rimavská Sobota Secondary School. In 2001 he started studies at the Faculty of Humanities of the Comenius Univesity in Bratislava. In 2003 he started experimenting with language teaching methods in Germany. In 2004 he started studies at the Martin Luther University in Germany. He continued experimenting with foreign language teaching methods in the summer of 2004 in the USA. He earned his Master’s Degree in German Studies in 2006. He started developing a new communicational method in 2007 and in 2009 he started selling the new method. He earned his doctorate in 2010 and in 2011 the ReformEnglish method was born. CLICK HERE AND LEARN MORE: Dr. Bódi László


Language School

About our Team


The ReformEnglish Teaching and Methodology Centre consists of highly qualified experts from all over the world. Our international team is available at every corner of the world. Our goal is to simplify even advanced-level language training with our methods and products. Our services and products can be adapted to your own personal needs. Your success is the most important mission of our team. CLICK HERE AND LEARN MORE: about our team


Language School

Job offer: English teacher


The job offer of The ReformEnglish Teaching and Methodology Centre is for anyone, who is looking for a flexible job, is full of energy but also responsible, have a degree as an English language teacher or interpreter or is currently a university student of one of these courses. Do you want to work as a language teacher? CLICK HERE AND LEARN MORE: Job offer English language teacher


Language School

What is The ReformEnglish Teaching and Methodology Centre?


The ReformEnglish Education and Methodology Centre is an online teaching and methodology centre and language school that offers foreign language training programmes in English and in German online.


Language School

Where can you learn with us?


•  Language school New York - English course in New York

•  Language school Los Angeles - English course in Los Angeles

•  Language school Chicago - English course in Chicago

•  Language school HoustonEnglish course in Houston

•  Language school PhiladelphiaEnglish course in Philadelphia

•  Language school PhoenixEnglish course in Phoenix

•  Language school San DiegoEnglish course in San Diego

•  Language school DallasEnglish course in Dallas

•  Language school San JoseEnglish course in San Jose

•  Language school San FranciscoEnglish course in San Francisco

•  Language school SeattleEnglish course in Seattle

•  Language school DenverEnglish course in Denver

•  Language school WashingtonEnglish course in Washington

•  Language school BostonEnglish course in Boston

•  Language school Las VegasEnglish course in Las Vegas

•  Language school AtlantaEnglish course in Atlanta

•  Language school MiamiEnglish course in Miami

•  Language school HonoluluEnglish course in Honolulu

•  Language school PittsburghEnglish course in Pittsburgh

•  Language school LondonEnglish course in London

•  Language school ManchesterEnglish course in Manchester

•  Language school GlasgowEnglish course in Glasgow

•  Language school LiverpoolEnglish course in Liverpool

•  Language school NottinghamEnglish course in Nottingham

•  Language school SheffieldEnglish course in Sheffield

•  Language school BristolEnglish course in Bristol

•  Language school BelfastEnglish course in Belfast

•  Language school OxfordEnglish course in Oxford

•  Language school CambridgeEnglish course in Cambridge

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