What is the ReformEnglish method about?

Thanks to the algorithm of our method, the simulated real-life situations will re-occur over and over. Our experts will keep everything under control


The development of the method began in 2007. The development of the products began in 2016. Since then, over 500 clients have taken part in our further training programmes from 14 countries online, via Skype.

Based on this experience we developed our special teaching method that improves the language skills of our clients through the simulation of real-life situations. These situations are solved by active communication with the help of our experts.

Thanks to the ReformEnglish method and algorithm, these situations keep re-occurring until the particular skill or knowledge is acquired by the client. We can guarantee our results without needing to do any homework. Your language skills can be improved after your personal needs.


The advantages of the ReformEnglish method:

  1. You can choose the time and place of your classes
  2. You can learn from anywhere in the world online
  3. We only work with people who are experts in both language and methodology
  4. We work with an international team
  5. Our self-developed method has been tested and perfected for a long time
  6. No homework, you will learn everything during the classes
  7. You will learn by question-answer exercises in re-occuring real-life situations
  8. We use different media for visualisation
  9. Our teachers teach in a rotation system
  10. We won’t progress any further in the lessons until you feel ready
  11. We can adapt to your speed and schedule
  12. We have gathered international experience on several continents
  13. You can choose to record the classes so their quality will be checked and guaranteed regularly


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