László Bódi, PhD.

Founder of our company and creator of the ReformEnglish & ReformDeutsch method


The founder of the ReformEnglish  & ReformDeutsch Teaching and Method Centre is Dr. László Bódi who studied in Germany and Slovakia and has worked with various language teaching companies in the USA, Hungary, Slovakia and Germany.



•  Born in 1982 in Rimavská Sobota, Slovakia

•  Started studies in 1989 at the Rimavská Sobota Elementary School

•  Started studies in 1996 at the Rimavská Sobota Secondary School

•  Started studies in 2001 at the Faculty of Humanities of the Comenius Univesity in Bratislava

• Started experimenting with language teaching methods in Germany in 2003

• Started studies in 2004 at the Martin Luther University in Germany

• Continued experimenting with foreign language teaching methods in the summer of 2004 in the USA

• Continued experimenting with foreign language teaching methods in the summer of 2005 in the USA

• Earned his Master’s Degree in German Studies in 2006

• Started developing a new communicational method in 2007

• Started selling the new method in 2009

• Earned his doctorate in 2010

• In 2011 the ReformDeutsch method was born

• In 2016 the ReformEnglish method was born


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László Bódi, PhD.




László Bódi, PhD. Founder of ReformEnglish.

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