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Who do we recommend our English communication training to? 

We recommend our English language course to beginners, intermediate users and proficient users


Our levels:

1st level = 20 x 90 minutes

English for beginners for those who work as assistants in a shop or elsewhere, take care of the elderly or are trained apprentices. You will be able to talk grammatically correct and fluently with over 1000 words


2nd level = next 20 x 90 minutes

English language lessons for intermediate users who want to settle down in a foreign country and build connections with native speakers of the language. You will be able to talk grammatically correct and fluently with over 2000 words


3rd level = next 30 x 90 minutes

English language course for those who are devoted to getting a higher qualification in the target language. Doctors, entrepeneurs, salesmen, managers and engineers are some of  the target groups of this training. You will be able to talk grammatically correct and fluently with over 3000 words


Why is our training efficient?

Learn what you really need for your work and private life

Quick and efficient results

Learn English in real-life situations and dialogues

Improve your communication skills with international experts

Flexible worldwide via Skype

No homework, you will learn everything with us


Our references:

"I was maximally satisfied with the services of ReformEnglish. I recommend it to you because it works. The method improves your communication skills through interactive form, you learn everything through active communication. The new information is used through practice. The way of teaching is very flexible, it adapts to my schedule."

Roland Róka, TI Automotive (Hungary) Inc.


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